Sunday, February 6, 2011

week 60: wind

marie: this is the inside of our enclosed porch. the blizzard of my life tore off the glass door, shattered it, and in came the snow.  

naomi: the wind is what i miss most about wales when i'm living in london. in wales it's windy every day, your hair gets all tangled up and sometimes you turn a corner and it blasts you in the face and it takes a second to catch your breath. 

next week's theme is orb, chosen by marie.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

week 59: sweet

naomi: maybe sometimes we'll write something, and sometimes we won't but we're back and we're trying to tlp every week because it's what we do.

marie:  i somehow knew naomi would shoot candy, so i went with a healthy alternative. currently my baby's favorite fruit, next to kiwi.

next week's theme is the wind, chosen by naomi.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

week 56: forests

marie: i grew up in the city, but when i was a little girl, i used to tell myself, "i'm going to be a country mouse when i grow up." i'm 29 years old, and still believe it.

naomi: forests surround where i grew up. i don't believe in fairies and pixies and all that other mystical woodland stuff. i believe in animals and treehouses, rivers and thunderstorms.

week 55: skies

marie:  i love the sky from the hoan bridge, especially to the east where sky meets water.

naomi: skies are what define my mood. grey skies in london, i expect them. cloudy skies in wales are the norm. but when you're in wales and the sky looks like that? you never want to leave.

next weeks theme is forests chosen by marie.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

week 54: bookish

marie: i've been bookish since youth. i was the nerd who came back to class in grade school with a sheet for teacher saying i took part in the summer reading club. i won spelling bees. in 10th grade, i sat with burning cheeks while coach scott, the accelerated english teacher/wrestling coach, would read some of my stories to the whole class. i would hang out in our rec room with a book most summer vacation days, under the blanket with a flashlight after bedtime. i was going through books a week. my mother went through a phase of trying to force me to go outside and talk to other kids, worried about my "anti-social" tendencies. which later just proved to be a shy personality, a big imagination and a little self doubt. since i never get rid of my books- they are like children- this a small and random section of the shelf representing middle school through present day. 

naomi: the shy ones always turn out to be the best ones. i got a copy of oryx & crake for my birthday and i'm reading it right now while it's still light outside in the evening. 

i associate marie with so many things already (polaroids, cherry blossoms, milwaukee and a million others), but it's when i read murakami that i think of her the most. i know she enjoys him as i do and i keep meaning to lend her my copy of 'after the quake'. next time i see you 'rie, it's yours.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

week 53: birthday

marie: it turns out that so many of my favorite people i've come to know this year all have spring birthdays. i love that. and though technically, the tlp started in february last year, the birth of my boy stunted it's 1st birthday to april. also love. naomi's cake was awesome, don't listen to her. how many people do you know can whip up a cake in the form of a CAMERA just like that? i know only one, and her name is naomi.

naomi: in april it's my birthday, then maries. then tlps. i made a polaroid cake to celebrate. it turned out a bit goofy.

next week's theme is bookish, chosen by marie.

week 52: roids

marie: you know it's springtime on flickr with the plethora of photos of flowering trees. i've limited myself to only one polaroid of a magnolia tree this spring, which was really hard. i think they are the prettiest trees, besides the willow tree, which is my favorite. since i've used up my magnolia card, i took a picture of the neighbor's tree- does anybody know what the name is? really pretty, but i think they sort of smell funny.

naomi: marie got me a pack of polaroids. i can't resist taking some of america's blue skies and neon signs. and bunting!

next weeks theme is birthday. because april is the birthday month of us both, and the transatlantic lens project turns a year old this week. thanks for spending the last year with us!

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