Monday, April 13, 2009

week 12: signs of spring

naomi: hi springtime! hi sun! hi not having to wear all the layers and worrying about do i take the umbrella or not. it was sunny for the whole of easter, the flowers were blooming and we saw 21 ducklings. up there is a nest in the tree which i hope is full of babies, it was too high to check.

me and marie are running so low on polaroid film, i find myself not taking nearly as many anymore just so i have some spare for this project. i wish we were both rich enough to buy up all the stock that's left so we could carry this on forever. i'm happy to just be happy right now though, on the eve of my birthday, on the cusp of finishing university and about to find a new job and a new home.

can you tell i'm happy?

marie: spring came for the easter weekend, and was whisked away in time for a grey monday. i caught a few of the curiosities in the small plot of land that is our backyard. there is the verdant patch of unknown sprouts, and the winsome gnome. a pair of sparrows are nesting in the gutter, and their efforts are being closely examined and slyly appreciated by my three cats. i hope the scant bouts of sunshine and warm weather become more abundant, for it seems the buds and petals of spring have been stunted.

next week's theme will be big water, set by naomi.

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