Sunday, April 26, 2009

week 14: the little things

naomi:  It's the little things in spring that let you know summer is just around the corner. This apple tree in my mother's garden always blooms the brightest. I've had 'I must be in a good place now" by Vetiver on repeat all day today, to welcome the sun, it's a lazy song for lazy days.             

Wild apple trees blooming all around

I must be in a good place now
Sunshine coming through 
Rainbow coloured sky
Paints pretty pictures in my mind
Oh what a good day to go fishing
And catch the sunset in the hills
Dream of my yesterdays and tomorrow

And hope that you'll be with me still

marie: it's the little things that i love about my home the most: crystal doorknobs and skeleton keyholes. not having a mailbox, but a mail slot that drops letters onto the porch floor. old paned windows that open on a hinge. the porcelain kitchen sink.  janky porches that need some tender, loving care. xo.

next weeks theme is pink, set by naomi

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