Sunday, October 11, 2009

week 38: staircase

marie: the stairs have been killing me lately. i waddle up and down and up and down all day with my egg shaped body - like humpty dumpty. unfortunately for me, the only bathroom in the house is on the second floor. and sometimes i'm actually out of breath and my legs burn like they did after i ran the mile in high school. i miss having a one level house here in the midst of my third trimester. o, and that little blur is charlie cat, eater of cheerios, sporting his fresh lion cut.

naomi: i'm laughing at marie saying her body is egg shaped, because it makes me imagine she's going to lay an egg with a baby boy inside.
i fell down some stairs this week. my butt is not a fan of stairs right now.

next week's theme is feet, set by naomi.

week 37: uphill

naomi: i chose this because everything seems like such a struggle right now but i'm hoping that after all the struggling comes the easy ride down the other side.

marie: i snuck out between icy rain showers to take this. the ground was slick and the air had that damp, fallen leaves scent that only exists in autumn. the path leads to and from a flight of wooden stairs that takes you right down to the beach. the best part: it's a mere 5 minute stroll from home. i imagine i'll be taking my signature snowy, gloomy beach photos there this winter. and my baby boy for blankets and sand castles when the weather is warm.

next week's theme is staircase, chosen by marie.

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