Sunday, November 15, 2009

week 42: film

Marie: This is a snapshot from the French film Tell No One. I saw it when it was playing at The Oriental last year.  The opening scene has stuck with me over the last year, I think because it features Otis Redding's "For Your Precious Love", which I love.  They also used my favorite favorite of them all, Jeff Buckley (Lilac Wine), though the scene in which he croons is, quite fittingly, melancholy and bittersweet.

Naomi: I went to the premiere of Harry Brown last week, that's Michael Caine and the cast giving a little speech before it began. It's pretty violent and the seats in the Leicester Square Odeon are leopard print.

The tlp is going to be taking a well deserved break while Marie brings another person into the world. Once he's arrived we'll get back into the swing of things, see you in a few weeks!
Marie and Naomi.

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