Tuesday, July 7, 2009

week 24: stars and/or stripes

naomi: On the 4th of July last year I was at a barbecue, in America, in the heat, in my adopted home state. This year I was in London, still unpacking and sorting everything out.

This star is on a flag in the centre of London, look how me and Marie matched the trees on the right hand side, transatlantic, tree-matching, photographic-mind-twins.

marie: is it completely disappointing that the only instance i looked up at the sky this 4th of july weekend was to take a photograph of my laundry line? perhaps. but what i missed in explosions in the sky, i made up for with good eats, and many naps.  i sat in my chair watching jane austen movies and listening to the boom of fireworks that leaked in through the front porch.

next week's theme is from above, with love.

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