Monday, August 31, 2009

week 32: warmth

naomi: can't stop complaining about the heat. even though it's the day before september it was bbq weather and all i'm aching for is autumn turning to winter.

i want red leaves and frost and scarves and mittens.

marie: people in milwaukee can't stop complaining about the unseasonably cool weather. yes, it's august, and yes, we've been donning sweaters for the last week. i am loving it, even the grey, rainy days. i know the temperature is bound to rise north at least a little bit more before fall officially is here to stay. i'm anticipating the next warming trend so everyone will keep quiet about the cold (though then the complaints that it's too hot will begin again). that's the problem with wisconsin- we get hot summers and cold, harsh winters, making for lots of complaining amongst the residents. naomi is on the wrong side of the world.

next week's theme is old photographs set by naomi.

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