Sunday, March 22, 2009

week 9: food

naomi: breakfast time in america. that's alex eating his 'panda pops'.

me and marie didn't get to take our joint tlp roids together yet but hopefully we can do it this week in the american sunshine. america has all the best food, everythings got sugar in it, even the bread.

marie: i took this pola in the midst of a sea of boxes, piled high in my kitchen. we move on saturday, into the house we've been working on diligently since the end of january. it's been an arduous road, and now that we've come to the end, it's humorous how painstaking the notion of packing seems to me. today it feels like the most difficult task in the world.

mint chip ice cream was the treat i offered myself yesterday, during one of the many breaks from cardboard boxes. it's also one of the few items left to eat in the lonesome fridge.

next week's theme is same place, same time (most likely from comet cafe), set by marie.

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