Sunday, May 3, 2009

week 15: pink

naomi: i had to choose pink this week because i know that neither of us can resist taking pictures of spring blossoms. i'm pretending this week that we've each taken one side of the same tree, me on the left marie on the right, instead of me here with grey skies and soon-arriving exhibition stress, and her 3731 miles away with bluer skies and pinker flowers.

it's almost time for these weekly photos to switch format, we're both almost out of polaroid film and can't afford it's rising prices. The square shape is staying forever though.

marie: finally the flowers are blooming and the weather seems to be staying consistently warm, instead of the teasers we've been getting here and there over the past month or two. when i passed the pink blossomed tree, it was pretty obvious it was destined to be polaroided.

next week's theme is roundish chosen by marie.

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