Sunday, May 24, 2009

week 18: favourite things

marie: i have many a favorite thing, and flying saucers are one of them. naomi sent them across the ocean for my 28th birthday. i still have one package left, and am waiting to savor the wafery goodness so my little baby does not go into sugar shock. i think they are the prettiest candy to ever exist.

naomi: polaroids are definitely my favourite things, more than anything. i love every single one. i even kind of love them more knowing that it's almost time to never take another one.

next week's theme is green, chosen by naomi.

week 17: gloom

marie: naomi picked gloomy as a theme the one week milwaukee was perpetually sunny. i, who am usually more sullen than not,could not find one thing gloomy about anything. week 17 passed us by, and we postponed our weekly blog until i could find something drab. finally, a rain storm. although i secretly relish rain storms, especially the ones where i am safe and cozy at home, and accompanied by good song. 

naomi: i was feeling particularly gloomy when i set this theme. the weather stunk which always makes me gloomy and i was running out of time for everything that needed doing. 

i quite often enjoy rolling around in some melancholy for a day or so but i can't do it for too long because there are too many things that distract me back into normality.

next week's theme is favorite things, set by marie.

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