Sunday, April 5, 2009

week 11: sun

naomi: another week's tlp, and i'm back in the uk missing all the fun of america, and worrying about upcoming exhibitions, exams, and job prospects.
the sun makes everything feel much more exciting though, i've been ignoring everything that needs doing and instead i've been baking and walking in the forest.
april is the month of both of our birthdays, april rules.

marie: i spent 6 days in my house this week, pushing boxes, unpacking, placing our home together. it felt as tedious as a jigsaw puzzle at times, but today is sunday and i sit in a living surrounded by beloved books, records, plants and cats. weekends no longer mean buckets of paint and stripping floors, and for that i am especially grateful and relieved. i will sit in content anticipation of the supposed april snow that nature is going to bestow upon us this afternoon. i will do little more than make mugs of coffee, shuffle through my neglected photos, read the book i've not picked up since january, and shovel said snow.

next week's theme is signs of spring, set by marie.


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